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The Marketing Nuggets Blog

Electrical Smart Meter Copywriting Tips

The other day I was reading a hair-raising article about electric smart meters. Smart meters are currently being pushed on the public as a way to cut electricity bills and create a greener home. What they don’t tell you is that the meters have a dark side. A creepy element that will most likely be abused and affect your home. Smart meters can measure a household elec [...]

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Sheepishly Bad Ad

I might have mentioned this before but I occasionally help out on my parent's farm. Whilst at the farm I was flipping through some farming magazines and I came across a pullout advert from the wool marketing board. The particular ad was an offer wool carpets for the home. I take particular interest in the adverts in farming magazines as it’s tough crowd to sell to. The [...]

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Carl Jung Business Blind Spots

We all have blind spots in our perspective. The great psychologist Carl Jung called them our “shadows”. If you are wondering what I’m talking about, let me explain. Have you ever had a friend (or heard someone) who says things like: “Why does everybody I date always cheats on me?”... “Why don’t people understand me?”... “Everyone seems to betray me [...]

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Don’t market Like the BEEB

Have you seen the news recently about the BBC canning its recipe website? It’s a fantastic website that’s used by millions of people every day, a food website that’s impartial and free from adverts. And now it’s going dumped in the virtual wastebin. When a thing that’s loved by many is destroyed it causes an outrage. And there’s been lots of that in various c [...]

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How child labour can make you a quid or two

Here’s how you can put children to work and make a couple of quid. Find a child - preferably your - own. A stranger might not too impressed if you ask theirs to perform this task. Anyway… Here’s what you do: Load up your businesses website. You are going load one of your main sale pages, but before you do you need to ask your child something. Before loading [...]

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How much should I spend on marketing?

This is one question I get asked a lot. Q: How much should I spend on marketing? A: Ask yourself these two questions and you will have an idea. Firstly, how much is the average customer worth to your business? Secondly, what’s your average lifetime retention rate for your customers? Let’s say you sell a service that’s around £2000 per order. You sell this 3 time [...]

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Cat Farts

I have a long haired cat. It’s the not the most ideal pet when you live on farm. Her long hair is a magnet for turds, twigs, and muck. They get tangled in her underside, producing dreadlocks that a rasta would be proud of. But one of her worst habits that my furry friend has is her gas. Like all cats she loves to sit on you. The furry swine then makes herself comfy [...]

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Fancy Wormers

I might have told you this before, but I help out on my parents farm when they’re busy. Now years it’s the busiest as they are lambing around 150+ sheep. It’s tough work but rewarding. After an ewe has given birth, you need to inject them with CDT vaccine.  This is to stop certain nasty things killing mother and her offspring off. Injecting the ewe at this stage has t [...]

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Today’s kids like chicken

Today's kids buy chicken I might have mentioned this before. My parents have a sheep and beef farm. I still help them with the farm work from time to time Anyway, a year or two back my dad asked me if I fancied attending a local farming association meeting with him. The meeting would be about the state of the UK's sheep trade. I thought it might be interesting, so I w [...]

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Hellfire missile shipped to Cuba

Did you see the news recently about the American Military shipping one of their top secret Hellfire missiles to Cuba. The missile was used in a training exercise in Europe. After the exercise it was due to be returned to the USA - only it vanished - and later turned up in Cuba. It's a mystery how it ever reached the communist country. Investigators and experts alike could [...]

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Don’t let your marketing message be like Ronan Keating?

Is your marketing message like Ronan Keating? Have you heard the new Ronan Keating's record on the radio recently. You probably won't have noticed it, because it's bland. It has a habit of getting lost amongst the better music they play on BBC Radio 2. His new effort is as bland as all his other tracks he's ever released. It's like dull cloudy day in winter - nothi [...]

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