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Micro Pigs Taught Me SEO

You read the title right. Pigs – or particularly micro pigs – showed me how to get web site into the top ranks of Google.

How? Let me explain:

The year is 2007 and the UK is about to plunge into a recession.

My girlfriend had lost her job and money was getting tight in our household. Redundancies were happening everywhere. Jobs were becoming rarer than an honest politician.

We did what any couple would do. We tightened our belts and rode out the financial storm.

6 months later my girlfriend (after a few months of volunteering) landed a job with a local charity. But the job wasn’t well paid, we were still struggling.

Something needed doing…

So, we did the sensible thing. We took a bank loan out and bought some pigs. Now, I know you’ll think this was a stupid idea, but hear me out.

We did this because:

We didn’t want to rely on some company to pay our bills. We wanted a side business that would help cover our finances. We wanted an extra income that would help us if we ever lost our jobs.

My girlfriend had the idea of selling miniature pet pigs. These pigs were all the rage in the media back in 2007, loads of Z-list celebrities were sporting them. What could go wrong? The idea was a crazy but it might work.

I started to conduct my research and found lots of bad quality websites selling these pint sized pets. The websites were cheap looking, made by owners who had no idea about good web design. I knew I could beat the competition as I’d been building website since my teens. I could easily knock up something way better than these other guys on the web.

So, we bought the pigs…We built a class website…We waited for the money to roll in…

And it didn’t.

“What the hell is going on? My website is superior”, I said to myself.

I knew there was something missing. So I started to read… I started to research… I started to test…

After days of searching the web, I came across an article about SEO.

I remember thinking SEO could be the answer to my porky problems. I read everything I could get my hands on.

I bought books… I watched videos… I purchased courses… If it was SEO, I was on it faster than a builder on a free bacon sandswich.

Over the next few weeks, I went about implementing the SEO advice I’d learnt. The result. Our website jumped from position 80 to 20 in Google in 1 month. The pig sales started to trickle in.

After about 18 months of link building, SEO, and blogging we reached the top of Google.

Brilliant, we’re going to be rich, I thought.

I was wrong again. By this point lots of other people had had the same idea about micro pigs. More and more people were selling them. The market was saturated. Even though our website was the best, and sat at the top of Google, we couldn’t sell enough to turn a profit. Prices had tumbled because there was a glut of pork on the market.

We kept trying for a bit longer, but the situation became hopeless. So we quit. We sold the pigs and learnt a valuable lesson:

If you are going to follow a fad, make sure you are at the beginning of it and not the end.

Like any new market, the people who got in at the beginning made out like bandits. As time went on the spoils became less and less. By the time my website reached the top it was too late. The faddish wave had crashed.

Not to worry, I thought. I had learnt how rank websites in Google. And I knew you could sell services these types of services. And that’s what I started to do in my spare time. I started helping my friends, my family, and local businesses with their websites. I started to get reputation for delivering good results. And things have snowballed since then.

Fast forward a few years, and I’m now helping small-to-medium businesses with their marketing. Why? Because most businesses don’t know where to start when it comes to promoting their thang online. Sometimes they make bad choices that end up costing them big money. On the other hand, I’ve seen the results that good marketing can bring (and the profits with it)

So, I decided to do something about it. And that’s why I started JamesKippax.com. To help business like yours sell more, more often.

If you’re reading this, it means that you want to join the other 1% of companies with good marketing. And by joining my mailing list you’ve taken that first step towards that goal.

And that’s what I can show you for free a few weeks.

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That’s it for now

All the best

James K

PS: If you want a free website audit – I just need your name, business web address, and an email. Once I have your info I can start the work. Just reply back to this email and include them. I’ll send you a PDF with some interesting results.

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This isn't for everyone
But if you want to sell more... more often... and for a high price... then this free advice is for you
If you follow my easy tips I guarantee that you that your business will improve. If it doesn't I'll donate £5 to your favorite charity. That's how confident I am that my advice works
I think you'd agree this is a good deal. And if it doesn't work you get to help your favorite charity
To join just add your name & email below

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