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Don’t market Like the BEEB

Have you seen the news recently about the BBC canning its recipe website?

It’s a fantastic website that’s used by millions of people every day, a food website that’s impartial and free from adverts.
And now it’s going dumped in the virtual wastebin.

When a thing that’s loved by many is destroyed it causes an outrage. And there’s been lots of that in various corners of the internet. There’s also been monumental effort by some people to archive this data before it vanishes into the culinary ether. This is no easy task as the BEEBs food site is massive  – it’s 1000’s of pages. The people who are trying to save this delicious treasure trove should be applauded.

Now, there’s a lesson to be learnt and here it is…

Don’t bin, destroy, or delete your old material – always keep a copy of it.

You should do with your marketing materials, even the ones of campaign that did not work.

When stuff doesn’t work it’s easy to get frustrated and want to bin it. I know I’ve done this in the past. And in certain cases I’ve later regretted it.

Does this sound strange? Then let me explain:

When I’m working with a client I ask them to provide as much marketing materials as possible. Old stuff, and new stuff. Stuff that worked and stuff that didn’t.

It might sound an obvious step to look at the marketing stuff that worked, but looking at the bad stuff can tell you an awful lot too. It can point out problems that are killing your sales process.

Any marketer worth his salt should do this.

Don’t act like the BBC and delete everything on whim without providing an alternative. The BBC recipes could have been turned into something useful – like a series of books. And the revenue generated from these could have gone back into the taxpayer’s pockets.

The moral of the story is that everything (even the bad stuff) can have a use.

Need help finding the problems with your sales process. Then just get in touch and I’ll go through your marketing bin and tell you where you’re going wrong.

All the best


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