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Don’t let your marketing message be like Ronan Keating?

Is your marketing message like Ronan Keating?

Have you heard the new Ronan Keating’s record on the radio recently.

You probably won’t have noticed it, because it’s bland. It has a habit of getting lost amongst the better music they play on BBC Radio 2.

His new effort is as bland as all his other tracks he’s ever released.

It’s like dull cloudy day in winter – nothing memorable.

Sorry Ronan Keating fans…

Is your business guilty of this mistake.

Is it a grey floaty thing bobbing around in a sea of grey.

Does it use the same clichés as your competition. You know the ones. Something like:

  • We’re passionate about quality
  • We aim to please
  • We provide a bespoke service

When phrases in the English language are used time and time again they become a cliché. They become so overused and trite they lose their effectiveness. Phrases like the ones above worked for those who were lucky enough to use them first. But time moves on. And so does the efficiency of certain phrases.

If your website if full of meaningless spiel like this, get it changed. Try saying something unique. Try telling a story.

Don’t be a grey thing in a grey sea.

I’m an expert at crafting good stories for great businesses. Stories that strike a chord with your customers – turning more of them into clients.

I can help you become visible in that dull grey sea we call the marketplace.  Your competition will drown, but you’ll float.

In a sea of grey, those of a different colour are the ones likely to be rescued and dragged aboard the life raft.

Reply back to this email with the title ‘tell me a tale’, and we can get started.

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