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Cat Farts

I have a long haired cat.

It’s the not the most ideal pet when you live on farm. Her long hair is a magnet for turds, twigs, and muck. They get tangled in her underside, producing dreadlocks that a rasta would be proud of.

But one of her worst habits that my furry friend has is her gas.

Like all cats she loves to sit on you. The furry swine then makes herself comfy and goes to sleep. And when she relaxes, her bowels relax too.

And her gas is released…

But you are stuck. Moving her means she’ll dig her claws into your chest. If you stop you’ve got to keep inhaling fishy farts. You either hold your nose or deal with the pain. It’s a predicament.

A similar dilemma happens in marketing all the time. A business uses a marketing tactic. The business likes this tactic, and it’s worked for an age. Perhaps months, or even years. It’s Brought them in plenty of cash & customers.

But something’s changed. Now these tactics produce a stink. And this stink starts to lose them money, time, or clients. But the business is stuck in a bad habit – it’s the only tactic they know. They don’t want to change anything because it’ll cause pain. It’s a hassle finding new ideas and marketing methods – it’s easier to stick with what you know and just use that.

So what’s the answer?

If it’s anything like my flatulent cat, you should pick the bugger up and throw it outside. It’s painful to do, and you may get mauled, but it’s the best choice. It’s better than sitting in a cloud of cat gas.

You’ve to try to get to the root of the problem. Try changing the things: diet, toilet habits, or sleeping arrangements. Or in the case of your business: try a new website; new copy on your sales page; or develop a new sales funnel.

So if you have marketing problems, don’t let them fester, stink and pin you down. Do something about it and change something. The worst thing you can do is nothing at all.

I have marketing packages that are like the best cat fart deodorizer you can imagine. They can remove all kinds of smells from your business. Just get in touch and we can figure the best diet to stop your kitty (I mean business) dropping her guts.

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