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How child labour can make you a quid or two

Here’s how you can put children to work and make a couple of quid.

Find a child – preferably your – own. A stranger might not too impressed if you ask theirs to perform this task.

Anyway… Here’s what you do:

  1. Load up your businesses website.
  2. You are going load one of your main sale pages, but before you do you need to ask your child something.
  3. Before loading the page ask them,”if i click on this link, what do you expect the page to be, and what do you expect to find?”
  4. Click the link
  5. Ask them if the page that they’re on is what they expected. Listen to what they say carefully.

You will be able to deduce one of two things. One is that your page matches is titles and links; they are so clear that a child can understand them. Well done, you are rare breed of business on the internet.

Your titles, page and header links don’t match. You’ve confused your child. You’ll also be confusing many website visitors too. And this will result in people leaving your website and you missing a sale.

The lesson to be learned is this…

You need to make your page so easy to understand that a child can use it. Because if they can use it, so can an adult with poor reading skills. And this means a teacher, an engineer, a professor can comprehend your page too.

Do this and you’ll open your website up to a bigger audience. And that always results in more sales and money for your business.

Keep it simple. And don’t make things needlessly complicated.

This is how I build my websites and write copy. It’s very effective. Get in touch with me if you are interested.

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