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Electrical Smart Meter Copywriting Tips

The other day I was reading a hair-raising article about electric smart meters.

Smart meters are currently being pushed on the public as a way to cut electricity bills and create a greener home.

What they don’t tell you is that the meters have a dark side. A creepy element that will most likely be abused and affect your home.

Smart meters can measure a household electric consumption at a fantastically accurate rate. The monitoring is so accurate that meter manufacturers state they can tell exactly what you’re up to in your house. It’s possible the meters can be used to identify what films and TV programs you’re watching.

So, the next time you watch ‘Frozen’ with the kids, you’ll probably be sent various Disney adverts through your smart TV, phone, tablet.

Scary isn’t it?

But it’s surprising how much data we give away without knowing it.

Now you can sit there feeling all violated or you can use this to your advantage. Just ask yourself:

Do you want to sell or to be sold too?

If you a rational business owner I imagine you want to be the one doing the selling.

If you want to do more selling then you should use info like this to your advantage. That’s what I do when I write advertising copy.

I build a detailed picture of your best customer. I use various data sources to find out everything from your prospects favorite films, hobbies, and family life. This allows you to talk to your prospect in words they understand clearly, and language they can relate to.

Jim Camp was one of the most feared negotiators in the USA. He used to perform negotiations for Fortune 500 companies and billion dollar businesses deal. He once said that:

“You’re always safe when you’re in your prospects world.”

If your customer can relate to your because you look and sound like them, you’re on to a winner. They’ll feel safe because you are in their world.

After all, we all prefer to hang out with people who look and sound like ourselves. This how communities, religions, and cults are formed. It’s a well-known psychological phenomenon.

Talking like your customer is what I do when I’m writing copy, a web page or a series of emails.

It works very well and in extreme cases have dramatic effects on your sales.
Get in touch today and I’ll start building a profile of your prospect just like an electric smart meter.

All the best


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