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Fancy Wormers

I might have told you this before, but I help out on my parents farm when they’re busy. Now years it’s the busiest as they are lambing around 150+ sheep. It’s tough work but rewarding.

After an ewe has given birth, you need to inject them with CDT vaccine.  This is to stop certain nasty things killing mother and her offspring off. Injecting the ewe at this stage has the added bonus of passing the new immunity onto her young.

The vaccine comes in two forms – an oral, or an injectable version.

Today I saw what happens when a high-tech wormer get it’s wrong…

The time came to inject ewes at my parent’s farm. I opened the wormer, and it was the fanciest vaccine I had ever seen. Inside the tub was a heating jacket that was wrapped around the vaccine bottle. Connected to the heating jacket was a tube that had a switch inside it. It was full of gel and looked high tech.

It was a very elaborate design. It looked the bees knees.

Press the switch and wait 15 minutes for the bottle to heat up to room temperature, the instructions said. So I did it. I pressed the button.

15 minutes went by. And nothing happened.

So I tried again. Nothing happened.

And again. And again.

60 minutes wasted… Grrrrr…

In the end i heated the damn bottle up in warm water – like you would a baby’s bottle. Simple, effective and it work every time. And it only took 10 minutes.

Marketing a business is the same. You will hear lots of people saying you need the latest and greatest thing to help you sell. However, old techniques, that are out of fashion, can prove to be far more effective. What techniques am I talking about; here’s a few of the are currently out of vogue:

  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • Direct Mail (sales letters)

Over the years I have read/heard people sound the funeral bell for each of these. Here’s the truth: a lot of companies get these marketing tactics wrong. Badly wrong. That’s when you start hearing people preaching that these techniques don’t work any more.

Thing is. If you know where to look you can find companies killing it with these old techniques.

And here’s another point. If most businesses think these methods are dead that’s less competition in these fields. Use them correctly and you could find they give you your best ROI.

You just need help make sure you attack them the right way. And that’s where I can help. Contact me today and we can talk about your options.

You don’t need some fancy wormer warming jacket. Just some hot water. Because the old ways – that have been used for decades – can often prove to be the best.

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