Local Search Engine Marketing in Burnley, Lancashire

People search for local businesses everyday


local seo in lancashire


Let help you to the top these local searches results?

My names James Kippax and I’m a local search specialist. What this means in plain English is that I’m person who helps small to medium size businesses improve their rank in the local search results.

‘What are the local search results’ you might ask Let me give you an example that should make this clearer. Below are two local search queries that someone might type into Google:

‘hairdresser in Burnley’ or ‘car mechanic in Lancashire’

As you can see in the example above, these queries contain the two keywords. One keyword is the name of the service the person is seeking (hairdresser or mechanic), and the other is a location based keyword (Burnley or Lancashire).

You’ve probably typed many such queries into Google or Bing yourself. We all have.

If you are a small business owner you probably clever enough to realise the importance of these types of search queries to your business. Especially so if you business serves the local area.

But let me tell you this. Most small businesses completely ignore trying to rank their website for these types of search queries.

In fact, a lot of marketing companies don’t even bother to pursue these search results for their clients either.

Often small business owners say it’s not worth pursuing these queries because of the low amounts traffic they will bring their site.

In the case of marketing companies, it’s often easier to impress their clients by showing them how they’ve ranked them for some national query, such as: ‘hairdresser in the UK’ or ‘Mechanic in the UK’.

And who wouldn’t be impressed if they were in those industries and ranking for those big keywords.

However, both of the above opinions are missing a trick. Which is…

Although the traffic for queries might be small for local search, there’s customer intent. It’s very likely that a person who’s typed in – ‘hairdresser in Burnley’ or ‘car mechanic in Lancashire’ – is looking to get their hair cut, or is having problems with their car.

People typing those sort of queries into Google are more likely to be at the purchasing stage.

In fact, a recent study by Google found that 18% of local smartphone searches led to a purchase within a day compared with 7% of non local searches.

You might get less traffic targeting queries like this, but often these smaller queries are more likely to convert into sales, bookings, or leads for your business.

And that’s where I can help.


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