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Today’s kids like chicken

Today’s kids buy chicken

I might have mentioned this before.

My parents have a sheep and beef farm. I still help them with the farm work from time to time

Anyway, a year or two back my dad asked me if I fancied attending a local farming association meeting with him. The meeting would be about the state of the UK’s sheep trade. I thought it might be interesting, so I went along.

The 3-hour long meeting consisted of slides and presentations by various UK meat associations.

I remember one slide and comment vividly.

It was slide of the demand in the UK for sheep, beef and chicken meat over the last few decades.

At the top of the chart was chicken. Its demand had risen year on year, decade on decade.

Demand for beef was steady dropping, but it wasn’t going to fall off a cliff anytime soon.

The demand for lamb was the worst of the lot. It was dropping by the greatest amount every year.


The guy giving the presentation put it bluntly, he said, “the people who eat mutton and lamb are dying. It’s an old persons meat.” He added, “when young people go to the supermarket to buy meat, most will buy chicken over beef and lamb”.

The most worrying part he said was, “the chicken marketing board has done a fantastic job of marketing their product; most young consumers don’t even think chicken comes from an animal. They do know that beef comes from cows. A lot of youngsters hate the idea of eating a cute lamb that they see in the field during the spring – this doesn’t help matters either”

Take what you will from that statement. It shows you a lot of young people haven’t got a clue about the food they eat, but that’s another story. But here’s my point:

Don’t let your business be like lamb meat.

If your business is starting to go slow, could it be that your customers are getting older and retiring. It might be time to try some other way to get more leads for your business. Methods that’ll get right eyes looking at your products or services. I can help you be like chicken meat, instead of lamb or beef.

Interested in becoming successful like chicken? Click here to send me a message and we can get started.

All the best


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