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Web sites that work on Laptops, Tablets and Mobiles

Designs that turn visitors into customers

Did you know that it takes less than five seconds for a visitor to make up their mind about your website?

If your websites visitors cannot find what they want within this small amount of time they will go elsewhere.

Knowing this, you’d probably agree that it’s important that your website gets your message across to visitors fast?

If you are choosing website design for your business you want an effective solution.

A web-design that communicates quickly with your customers, getting your brand message across fast.

A website that allows any visitors to quickly find/buy that product/service/solution that you provide.


My names James Kippax and I create websites that follow this principle. I build simple and effective websites that make money for their owners.

I use a combined approach of solid web design, good sales copy writing and digital marketing.

All my sites are responsive meaning they work on both mobile phone, laptops and tablets.

Combining these into website that communicates its message clearly and turns visitors into customers, leads or inquiries.

Combine these types of websites with my local SEO and digital market services and you are on to a winning combination that can put you way ahead of your competition.

These are just a few of the types of websites that I can design for you:

  • Ecommerce websites
  • Content managed websites
  • Brochure websites
  • Mobile responsive web design
  • Blog websites
  • Community websites
  • Bespoke website solutions

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Here’s a list of questions that I frequently get asked by new clients. Feel free to read them as they might help you with my design process. Please get in touch if you have any further question, I’m always happy to answer questions.

Q: I’m hopeless with computers, but I would like a website. I don’t know where to make a start. Can you help?

A: I sure can. I will take you through every step of the process including help you to choose and register a domain name (website name). I will take care of all the technical stuff and get it all setup for you.

Q: I need a website that I can change myself frequently. Is this possible?

A: Yes it is. I use WordPress or Joomla to build website for people who need to make changes to their websites frequently. The one I use just depends on the nature of the website you need. I offer training to show you how you can add and remove content from your website. I also provide you with a list of video tutorials showing you how to get the best out of your website so you are less dependent on me:)

Q: I’m not bothered about editing my website frequently. What can you offer me?

A: In cases like this a static site is more suited for a website like this. They are far easier to maintain so the hosting cost per year will be far less.

Q: Do you offer web hosting?

A: Yes. I have a range of solutions to suit all budgets and performance requirements.

Q: Do you offer business email hosting? Because I want an email something like: [email protected]

A: Yes. This is included in your hosting/domain package. All emails have spam and anti-virus protection. You can also have multiple emails setup for your company website?as well (i.e. one for each member of staff).

Q: Is there any way to see how many people are visiting my website?

A: Yes all website come with Google analytics installed as standard. That way you can track your website visitors numbers and see what they are up to.

Q: If my website starts to perform well, do you offer anything to help improve its performance even further?

A: Yes I do. If you want to take your website up a level. Or you want to gain more customers/leads/inquires online I offer a range of digital marketing services – from email marketing, social media campaigns, and PPC management (online advertising). And I’m a specialist in local search engine optimisation which can help push you to the front of the local search engine results. I can start apply these services once the sites been built, or at a later date – it’s your choice

Q: Can you set up my Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn pages?

A: Not a problem. I offer extra packages that cover some of the sites/accounts to be built. Price is dependent on your requirements. I can also train you in the best way to make use of these platforms

Q: Do you offer any training to help me add, edit, and remove content on my website?

A: Yes. I have an exclusive members area that contains video tutorials on how to use, edit and maintain your website. With the aid of these videos, you’ll be able to update your website frequently, which is good for your business and customers. And it’ll help your website perform well in Google.

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