My names James Kippax. And I run this site. There’s not much to look at here at present as I’m busy with other websites and stuff.

If you’d like to check out some of my work you can view the following sites.

And if you’d like to order a website or want some SEO or copywriting services please email me at ‘James [at] djkippax.com’

Here are some of the websites I’ve created:

https://phoenix-archery.co.uk/ – Full ecommerce store design by moi’. I’m not joking when I say I increased their average online monthly sales by (so far) 100X in 15 months.

https://kippax-farms.co.uk/ – Personal site about the farm I also run.

At present (in 2020) most of my efforts are going into my personal DJ’ing website. I’m producing a lot of content for it. So if you’d like examples of my writing and would like to check out another site I’ve designed please click any of the links below.

Scratch DJ Kippax's Blog & Mixes ScratchTastic DJ Mixes and Music Blog

I also have many DJ mixes online. They can be found on the following subdomains: